Content Management System (CMS)

WAD Admin - CMS The Content Management System (commonly referred to as CMS) is a software designed to allow you easy and fast management of the contents posted on your website.

The global market has many such systems to offer. Many of them – such as Joomla, WordPress etc, are free of charge and using one of them to base your website upon usually cuts down the cost. This certainly is a financial advantage and that’s why many companies in Bulgaria and all over the world use these free CMS platforms when developing websites for their clients.

Our CMS is called WAD Admin and has been developed from scratch by our own team of programmers. Below you will find the reasons why we believe using a free platform for your website is not a wise solution.

Advantages of our Content Management Systems over free ones:

  1. Speed – WAD Admin is customized to contain only the modules needed for managing the contents on your particular website. The free CMS software is designed to fit larger portals and information websites. This makes them suitable for any type of website but on the other hand slows down their work and the website itself. In effect the website it takes longer for the website to load and negatively affects access to it, especially for people with slower Internet connection. Our system contains only what you need to run your company website and that makes it many times faster than the free platforms.
  2. Easy optimization – the program code is tailored for your website. Free CMS software generates too much code in excess of what you need, which turns out to be a problem for search engine optimization (SEO).
  3. Convenient management – the administrative panel (backend) contains only the modules and components that you really need to manage the contents of your website. Free CMS platforms have huge backend parts in which 90% of the functionalities and components are redundant and confusing, thus obstructing your work with the modules that you need to use. Besides, they contain system elements which, if not used correctly, can cause problems with the normal functioning of your website and harm its work or appearance or even make it temporarily unavailable. With our CMS solutions this is all taken care of and the modules and options you have on your administrative panel are adjusted to match the contents of your website that you will update and manage.
  4. Security – higher level of security against malicious interference. The free platforms are used all over the world and because they are free many websites are built under them. But this also makes them a popular target for hackers who flex their programmer skills on other people’s websites, for one reason or another. Because they are widely used free CMS software are in the focus of hackers from across the world and despite ongoing improvements in their security, they are susceptible to attacks. That’s why no matter how much effort their creators put in upgrading their security, these platforms will always be the subject of multiple attacks and breaches in the security which forms a vicious circle. Using our CMS solution will save you the trouble and you will not be the subject of constant harassment and hacker attacks.
  5. Professionalism – our system gives a professional shape and appearance of your Internet presence. Because of their mass use, free CMS platforms are easily recognized even by average user and especially by the latest generations of Internet users. The fact that you’re using a free platform leaves a somewhat “cheap” and amateur impression which can be transferred over your entire business. Especially in the long run this might seriously harm your image.

We can list many other advantages in favour of a professionally built and tailor-made CMS but we believe the above-listed ones are convincing enough and guarantee you a proper professional looking presentation in the Internet.

We are well-aware that your presentation before your potential and prospective clients is of primary importance for you. That’s why we would advise you to not experiment and test the patience of the audiences that are important for you.

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