System for statistics and analysis of the visits

Our system allows you to track all visits to your website, monitor visitor activity and analyze the data with maximum precision and efficiency.

Why should I pay for such a system when there are a lot of free ones?

It is true that there many free multifunctional systems available, but each of them has disadvantages, such as:

  1. Incorrect or incomplete data - in Google Analytics, for example, over 20% of the results for the visits from the search engine itself are with the “not provided” status. This is quite unacceptable for many companies as it doesn’t give them any information about the search behavior of over1/5 of their visitors.
  2. Lack of important functionalities -, for instance, doesn’t have real-time visitor tracking, which deprives of you of current information on the number of visitors in your website at a given moment, where they came from and what is their history in your website. Google Analytics does have this functionality, but the information is not always precise enough and is scattered over different panels.
  3. Most free systems don’t have IP address tracking.

In general, you would have to use at least three different systems simultaneously to be able to use the information you need for a comprehensive and exact statistics, suitable for subsequent analysis. Our system provides a solution for the above three problems and includes all the information you need.

Presently the development of our system is being finalized and it will be fully ready in the beginning of November.

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