The most important conditions for a successful website

Successful website. By far the most important thing for a website posted on the Internet is to have purposeful visits. Visitors will go to your website and will keep returning only if they find there what they are looking for and if they are happy with the outcome of their visit.

On the other hand, a website is considered successful when it serves the purpose it was created for and when it contributes to the achievement of the company business goals.

Here are some of the basic rules contributing to the success of your website:

  1. Web Design - The design of your website is the first thing visitors come into contact with, when they load the page. This first impression can either make a visitor stay or quickly leave the site. For a website to be successful its design needs to be attractive and unique. And “unique” doesn’t mean a hasty adaptation of a CMS template, but design developed exclusively for you and reflecting your corporate identity.
  2. Unique and quality content - one of the most important conditions for your website to be favourably indexed by search engines and for successful SEO is the quality and unique content. We strongly advise you against using texts already published elsewhere in the Internet. We also stress on the importance of all texts being grammatically correct and stylistically adequate. This matters not only about search engine indexation, but for the users as well. They usually react negatively to texts marred by mistakes, in an otherwise well build and professionally looking website. Every serious web development company has a copyrighter in its team, or at least somebody with sufficient writing skills to review the texts for mistakes, style and uniqueness.
  3. Short and memorable domain - according to a Google research, for a domain name to be successful it doesn’t need to be meaningful, but it should definitely be easy to remember. Another good option is to include key words in your domain name. Naturally, for corporate websites the name of the company or the product should be included in the domain in order to popularize it. We advise you to avoid using punctuation or misleading domain extensions (such as whenever that is possible and you have other available domain names to choose from.
  4. Building the website from users’ point of view – websites which are too complex or confusing are practically dead. You should have in mind that the visitors don’t really need to know the details of your business or understand your professional lingo. That’s why we recommend you to use simple and common language, without too many specialized terms. In the best case scenario the texts will be clear, direct and easy to understand, without sounding too elementary or amateur. The only exceptions from this rule are websites intended for narrow professional audiences with common background and knowledge.
  5. Reasonable presentation of the information - the unlimited opportunities for information presentation that the internet offers can, on the other hand, turn into a serious problem. If you have a large portfolio of products or services you should put extra efforts into organizing and structuring them into clear and logical categories and sub-categories.
  6. Popularization - the address of your website should be present on every business card, letterhead form, envelope and the like. It should become a permanent part of your corporate communication and you should seize any opportunity to communicate it and remind your audiences about it. It is not wise to expect your audiences to come across your website by accident; instead you should popularize your website and its address in the Internet as much as you can.
  7. Support - the funds allocated for web support are well argumented and always yield results. The greatest advantage of the internet for your business is the speed and ease in maintaining an adequate comprehensive source of information about your company and products. If even for a short while you allow yourself to ignore the maintenance of your website, you would be failing to utilize the greatest strength you can gain through your Internet presence.
  8. Let professionals take care of your website - ultimately this would save you a lot of funds, time and disappointment. Even though modern technology makes the building of simple websites more and more accessible for the regular users, Internet has its specific rules and principles, just like any other media. Building a website that is truly successful and useful takes a lot of knowledge and experience and choosing a professional service would save you a lot of funds and problems in the future.

Ventsislav Georgiev

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