Ad Management System

Ad Management System This software products allows for an easy, convenient and multifunctional management of the advertising slots and positions on your website.

Through its client module you would be able to provide your clients access to statistical data for their campaigns. Thanks to that they can follow the clicks, impressions and all other components of their campaigns in real time.

Functionalities of the system:

  1. Password-protected client access for each of your advertisers.
  2. Client management system.
  3. Filter for the advertisements according to criteria defined by you.
  4. Three different modes for visualization of the advertisements (including in slider format).
  5. Comprehensive detailed reports accessible for both you and the advertisers on your website.
  6. Flash animated graphics.
  7. Scheduling future campaigns.
  8. Relative weight of the advertisements in the different slots/position.
  9. Individualization of the client access and branding with your company website/logo.
  10. Advertisements open in a new window.
  11. All codes for advertisements are supported; embedded default code.
  12. Targeting of the advertisements by language, country, browser, device, operation system.
  13. Setting maximum clicks and impressions for each advertisement.
  14. Quick and easy step-by-step installation wizard.
Ad Management System Ad Management System Ad Management System Ad Management System

Why you should choose our system?

If the list of functionalities above is not convincing enough for you, here are several other advantages of our system:

  1. Lifelong license – once you purchase and install the system, you don’t need to pay any monthly or early fees nor any other taxes whatsoever.  
  2. No limitation as for the number of users, advertisements, slots, positions, websites or campaigns.
  3. The system is independent of the technology you’ve used to build your website.
  4. Campaign-oriented system.
  5. Full control over the advertisements and the campaigns.
  6. Management of any number of websites with one installation only.
  7. User-friendly interface. Creation of campaigns with just a couple of mouse clicks.
  8. 24/7 support through telephone, chat and email.
  9. Full documentation (in the process of development).
  10. Smart help system (in the process of development).
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