A couple of rules for effective web design

Effective web design. For the design of your website to be effective, it is extremely important the visitors to be impressed from the moment they open the page. Carefully selected graphics and colours, matching your business and company specifics usually make an excellent first impression. In the same time the website needs to be simple and self-explanatory so that the visitors find their way around effortlessly and intuitively.

The visual arrangement of the elements should facilitate the orientation among the website’s contents and functions and create such an environment, so as to make the visitors’ stay nice and as long as possible. They should be able to locate the information they are looking for without straining their eyes or thought. However, this is not as easy to achieve as it sounds and takes professional touch, experience and knowledge.

The most important headlines should be carefully worded and clearly accented, and the sub-headlines should be positioned in the right place. In terms of contents, the headlines and sub-headlines should point to the contents they announce directly and with precision. Access to information should be easy and the information itself should be written in a language that feels natural to the users and reflects their level of understanding of the topic. We advise against overloading your website with too much content on any given subject as this might indeed be confusing to the visitor and is usually counterproductive.

All pages on your website should be organized around topics and clearly divided into sections. The visitor should be able to determine the function of each section at a glance and determine which section exactly contains the information that is of primary concern and focus on it, ignoring or leaving for later the sections with less important information. The effective web design and the proper structure of the website enable the visitors to scan through the contents of the website and locate what is important for them. The less time and efforts it takes visitors to find their way in a website, the better.

Valentina Andreeva

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