What is a logo and what is it used for?

The logo is indeed a symbol/graphic or a set of several symbols/graphics, used to identify and distinguish a company or a product from the rest in the most clear, simple and unambiguous way.

Principles that make a logo effective?

There are five main rules that have to be followed in order for a logo to be effective and successful for the company is signifies. If the people designing your logo manage to come up with a solution meeting all those requirements then the success of your logo is almost certain.

  1. The logo needs to be simple.
  2. The logo needs to be easy to remember.
  3. The logo must have individuality.
  4. The logo needs to be flexible.
  5. The logo needs to be relevant to and reflect the company.

Process of design of a company logo

The process of designing a company logo includes several main steps guaranteeing 100% client satisfaction:

  1. Briefing discussion with the client.
  2. Research and brainstorming.
  3. Development of several concepts.
  4. Review by client and selection of a concept.
  5. In-depth development and fine-tuning of the selected concept.
  6. Final review by client for approval.
  7. Corrections to the final version, if any.
  8. Closing of the project and delivering the new logo to the client.
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