Защо да променяме дизайна на нашия уеб сайт?

Effective web design It's been 3-4 years since you have a website. A great website has been built to you and you were very satisfied. But 3-4 years have passed and you are wondering whether the vision of your website is up to date or you need to update. Here are some cases in which the design changes are required: :

  1. Site has been made more than four years ago when browsers were not what they are now. The design hasn't been touch since then and looks terrible in modern browsers.
  2. Technologies used to be made your website are outdated and looks more cumbersome than the competition sites.
  3. Site is far away from current trends in web design.
  4. Want to add new features on the website, but its structure and technology doesn't allow it.

Everything in the IT sector develops for hours. Technology in the modern world is so dynamic that if you stick to past trends, you risk your competition throw you out of the market.

It is nessecary to make partial updates to the design every two years. Otherwise you will need to change the entire look of your site at the fourth year, if you want to keep up with modern technologies and your competition.

Partial Website Redesign

Represents small and medium changes of the vision of the website. In this type of redesign the concept of the website will not be changed. Only some visual changes of the current concept will be changed.

Complete Website Redesign

Complete change of the concept of your website to make it in tune with current web trends.

If you do not know whether you need to change the layout of your website, contact us and we will do a free analysis of your website and send you a quote for recommended adjustments or a complete redesign.

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