Who is suitable for this bundle?

SEO and Online Advertising This bundle is suitable for:

  1. All companies who want to promote their business online.
  2. All companies who want to get ahead of their competition.
  3. All companies who want to explore new horizons for their business.

This bundle contains a set of services and components that are sufficient for the successful performance of your business online.

What services and components bundle contains?

Creation of Facebook fan page.
Creation of Google+ page.
Registеring accounts in Twitter and Linkedin.
Integration of the website with social networks.
SEO "Premium".
Promotion of your business online.
Website maintainance type "Basic".
Maintainance of social network fan pages.

When to expect effects from our services?

The effect of our work will start to be visible not later than the beginning of the second month after we start working on your project. There are no guarantees on when your website will get to the first page, but it will happen eventually. Everything depends on the strength and tenacity of competition in a particular keyword or phrase.

From experience we can say that in the worst cases, it may take one year from the start of our work. This may happen even in the first month after we start working on your website.

Please contact us to discuss and predict in what period of time we can achieve the desired results.

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