How we work?

In the years since our inception, we have approved a successful way of working with our customers. Each stage of our work on a project ensure successful completion and reassures our customers.

Working scheme

Negotiation of terms and conditions and contract signing
 Work on the project to give a decent look.  Consultation and approval by the client.
Make corrections and give a final look.  Consultation and approval by the client
 Completion and submission of the project to the client

The place of the client in the working process

How we work Our customers play a major role in the development of their own project. It is possible to observe, to send new ideas and to seek changes throughout every stage of the process.

After signing a contract with us, each client receives individual access to our server, which has direct access to the project and documentation on it. This way he can see at any time how the project is going and to send corrections, comments, new ideas and desires.

An important point for us is that the project does not end until final approval by the client. You can be sure that we will not drop your project not finished the way you want it to be.

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