How to make the right choice for your business

Why choose us Certainly Bulgarian market is overflown by companies and freelancers offering online services. Market for online services develops increasingly with each year. Unfortunately, the market expansion isn't directly proportional to the quality of the services it offers, but the opposite. That is why you have to be very careful. Here are a few tips that are good to follow when choosing:

  1. Note the website - when the website of the company or the freelancer isn't with a good quality, it is very unlikely that it will build you a quality website. Not to say that the posibility this to happen even tends to 0.
  2. Note the portfolio - if the quantity and quality of the projects in it are not at the level you expect for your project, then head to another contractor.
  3. The low cost in many cases is a sign of incompetence - undoubtedly low price will attract, especially in times of crisis, but you should know that no self-respecting professional in the IT sector will sell his/her work for free.
  4. In many cases, lower prices are associated with traps - Sometimes your understandings of unique design differs from those of the contractor and you don't get what you want. Sometimes the term "100% SEO" is just for beauty. Explore and inquire in detail about each element of the offer you have received.

Why we're the right choice for your business?

Read the following reasons why we are the right choice for you to present your business online.

We’ve got the skills and the knowledge to take care of your presentation in Internet.
We work with the same dedication and professionalism on all our projects.
We implemented a working process designed to guarantee a 100% client satisfaction.
We have a flexible pricing policy and can fit in your budget.
We prepare monthly reports on the progress of our work and the results from it.
We work in close cooperation with our clients to make sure we meet their needs.
We are exact and honest with our clients and we never spare them the naked truth.
We would always find a way to deliver you the results you need.
We enjoy an excellent reputation among our clients and partners.

We guarantee that you will be happy working with us.

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